Imagination: A precise technology to unite all facets of the mind; to build and link worlds. To get us to know and go beyond the visible known, to help us understand with out learning... It's already all there after all, its not lost... just buried under oceans of conditioning

Relation-ship.. or Relation-sheep

How can one adult explain the whole issue of relationship to the kid?

It seems that relationship, not just the very word, but the whole meaning it implies, should be more appropriately called “relationsheep” in most cases: when it comes and grows from the adoption of a certain faith or belief: that’s not relationship.. it’s imitation..

Relation means: “to be together (intelligently and with no conditioning’s”, relationship means : “to be together in the same ship !”

Imagine a kid that asks to an adult audience the following question: “Adults, can you please explain to me why you all talk about love and peace on Earth.. and so you have been doing for thousands of years.. but wherever there is this talking on peace and love.. there conflicts grow?.. But please, do not smile sarcastically or because of your cognitive embarrassment .. and do not tell me that I will understand when I will grow old.. because that’s intolerable!

You talk about love, and there is conflict.. this is a fact (do not smile)
You talk about peace, and there is fight.. this is a fact (do not smile)
You talk about non-violence.. but your speech grows from your faiths, your traditions, your beliefs, your ideals, your identification in this and that… which are all by their very nature separative: they separate men from men.. therefore they bring about violence ..
this is a fact (do not smile)…

Is there, adults, a possibility to bring about a completely enucleative understanding about this whole human dynamic? Or should I merely adopt the omerta’ of a mind caught in values and tribalisms?”

Psychologically, my activity of suffering is identical to yours.. no matter the sources of such suffering.. whether illusions or facts..
so: are we in the same relation-ship.. or is this merely a relation-sheep?

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The words and work of Diego Fontanive

''Psychological freedom cannot be learned, nor it can be achieved by following a path, it's years light far away from all motivational attempts, from all spiritual ruminations, from all poetical and ideological philosophies and from all gurus of all kind, from all ideals and from existential stratagems including religions, politics, traditions, moralities, dogmas, cultures, cults or sectarian beliefs and all beliefs in general with no exclusion: it has no path whatsoever.. All undiscovered, unexplored, never faced territories of the mind must be discovered, explored and faced without clinging to any belief, ''truths'', ''hopes'', ''god'', ideal & common sense of ''normality''.. and that's the hardest investigation.. ''

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