Imagination: A precise technology to unite all facets of the mind; to build and link worlds. To get us to know and go beyond the visible known, to help us understand with out learning... It's already all there after all, its not lost... just buried under oceans of conditioning

Are You Afraid?

Imaginary Enemies

Don’t be, there is really nothing to be afraid of, not even fear. Fear does not have to be our enemy, it can be our friend. Consider this,  when we were little we had imaginary friends and as adults we have imaginary enemies.

The question is, what happened in the between? For most of us, when we were kids, we were not afraid of spiders, so why are we afraid of them now? It’s very rare that a spider will harm us, so why are we afraid of the unknown? Are we afraid of nature because we are so disconnected from ourselves that we have forgotten that we are nature as well?

Have you ever tried to talk and understand that fear of yours? Did you ever consider that maybe it’s trying to tell you something very important and holds a very special gift for you? Well it does, and we at EOF want to show you just that and how to access that gift.

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling afraid, then really ask yourself why you’re afraid, go deep, why are you afraid? Is it what you really think or something else? Your fears are not what you think they are, your fears act like a drug, and yes, we can be addicted to our fears and the problem-reaction-solution cycle.

We become addicted to convince ourselves that we are making progress when, really, we are setting the stage to find another problem. The truth is, we’re not comfortable and we’re scared of peace. Why? Because peace is the unknown, we have never known peace, we have been conditioned for drama and that has become our comfort zone—something we will fight and defend.

Most of the time we defend this mechanically and automatically, and yet, it is not even us, it is another conditioning. The more aware you are of these patterns the less you will react so strongly to the same old “psych” thoughts. That’s when you will start to observe them, dismantle them and get to the root of the issue. These thoughts and events that we create in our lives can not only be averted but seen weeks in advance. We can begin to understand where such thinking will lead to.

After a while you will not take your thoughts so seriously and even start laughing at how ridiculous those fears are. Like how we sometimes laugh at old movies with their special effects or something that was supposed to be scary. We laugh because we can see how fake and silly it really is, and yet, we are really laughing at ourselves. This is a good thing because it helps us get a clearer perspective on the bigger picture and a better understanding on how to tackle the great sorrows of the world, rather than be drowned by them.

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