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A summary of eof project orientations

Processing the psychological problem without it’s solution

1) The experiencing with the psychological problem is always real regardless of the illusory or realistic matter the problem is made of..

2) The psychological experiencing is reality..

3) The psychological experiencing of the psychological problem always comes with the act of clinging to a solution..

4) The solution is not here yet, therefore it is an idea or various ideas projected into the future..

5) An idea is thought: it has a beginning and an end: this makes it into a fragment..

6) To be followed, the idea of a psychological/existential solution implies the act of believing..

7) Believing is not reality..

8) As long as one gives relevance to the act of believing, which carries the hypotetical psychological solution, the mind of this person is distracted by unreality..

9) The act of being focused on the segment represented by the psychological solution drags the psyche away from what’s real.. generating more confusion/illusion/deception/delusion.. and this state of mind is in itself separative, fragmented, anxious and unintelligent..

10) Each psychological problem faced through its possible solution leads to another problem..

Can the psychological problem be completely investigated after a total cancellation of the act of believing in its solution?

If so;
One will understand that the end of the problem is within the complete understanding of the problem itself.. and, as a natural consequence of such understanding, it will take place at the very end of the complete comprehension of the problem..

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  1. Wilson says:

    I need to add a comment so I can set up the feed… Glad you added this by the way… always a fan of short and to the point, easier to remember

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