Imagination: A precise technology to unite all facets of the mind; to build and link worlds. To get us to know and go beyond the visible known, to help us understand with out learning... It's already all there after all, its not lost... just buried under oceans of conditioning

Identification is the parent of illusion

Identification, which is the major cause of problems among men, is that process which separates the thinker from the problem that causes the act of clinging to identification as an attempt to escape the problem itself.. It’s a dirty, complicated vicious circle..

Because this is the way through which the thinker becomes the problem and his separative psyche..

Each identification contains the proliferation of its opposite .. and this leads to psychological and social pathological states of mind… as well it leads to the invention and the veneration of illusions …

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The words and work of Diego Fontanive

''Psychological freedom cannot be learned, nor it can be achieved by following a path, it's years light far away from all motivational attempts, from all spiritual ruminations, from all poetical and ideological philosophies and from all gurus of all kind, from all ideals and from existential stratagems including religions, politics, traditions, moralities, dogmas, cultures, cults or sectarian beliefs and all beliefs in general with no exclusion: it has no path whatsoever.. All undiscovered, unexplored, never faced territories of the mind must be discovered, explored and faced without clinging to any belief, ''truths'', ''hopes'', ''god'', ideal & common sense of ''normality''.. and that's the hardest investigation.. ''

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