Imagination: A precise technology to unite all facets of the mind; to build and link worlds. To get us to know and go beyond the visible known, to help us understand with out learning... It's already all there after all, its not lost... just buried under oceans of conditioning

Belief is a product of the Intellect

From a private conversation,

Despite of the emotional connotations it gives to the brain, the whole religious, or spiritual, or mystical search is an 100 % intellectual architecture: it belongs to the intellect, not to some sort of movement of energy or “vibrational something” whatsoever:
the human attitude to develop illusions is a matter of the intellectual mind; a trick of verbalized intellectualizations which then become so easily belief and dogma, “truths” and ways of life, myths believed and worshipped as illusory veracity..

This attitude, and all of its consequential drunkness, and so often psycho-social disasters, has accompained men & women all along their history by manifesting itself in various forms such as ideologies, religion, sects, cults or spiritual practices and groups of all kind..

The big hidden secrets of life, the alchemy, the magic, the powers of miracles, the angels and the esoteric scenario.. have all been solidly anchored to the mind of men as tools and stratagems because of which men have strived for millenia to escape the fact of their very tangible existence made by life and death..

This alluring but empty search for the picture of what man is not has brought nothing but collective hallucinations because of which men have erected illusions of all kinds.. from the flags to the temples, from the big religious icons to the emblems representing the gods and the sacredness.. up to esoteric secret societies with all of their weight of honour and ridiculousness.. not to mention the modern pathological mental illness called new age..

Some wanted power, the many.. the few had perhaps sincere intentions.. they wanted “pace in terris”, peace on Earth.. “the cult of humanity”.. but the result has been always the same: big archetypes believed as sacred.. but, in truth, entirely manufactured by a miserably suppressing conditioned intellect..

The whole spiritual bubble is nothing but intellectual.. just like the ideological one or the religious one.. and it’s even materialistic… due to the fact, which is a fact, that spirituality, to be believed as real, requires things, tools, actions, breathing in this or that way, yoga, temples, statues of the buddha, incense, presence of people who do the same activities the tribes suggestions, icons, mandalas, specific clothes and dresses, a certain expressive vocabulary, meditative practices, gurus, books, India, Bali, Hawaii, California, Thai, Sedona and other particular places, attitudes, habits and trends and so on.. aren’t all of these things quite material and profoundly rooted within the intellectual architecture of the conditioned mind?

Please, do not get upset.. that’s not the intention of the speaker.. and what for, by the way?

If your psyche becomes very very silent, quiet, deep.. then your psyche (which is you) can attentively see what it’s all about: when the brain goes very calm.. intelligent.. serene but extremely flexible and dynamic.. then the mind can see the whole funnel/swirl of intellectualization that we have created and we went through for thousands of years.. and, more or less, during our personal life as well…

We have suppressed ourselves for millenia just by using mere intellectual inside jobs!.. Can you see it?

Can you see that you are doing the same along your life..
To see the illusion is to dissolve it..
To stop the inside job!

I assume you can see how it works.. how illusions come into being in the messed up mind of modern people through the web, the internet.. which is a treasure of communication and technology of course.. but it’s also a receptacle of immense chaos and nonsenses..

There are people there who believe that a cumulus cloud naturally shaped over a mountain, is instead a camouflaged and hidden UFO.. (do we have to be so ridiculously “Homer Simpson like” to think that those aliens are so idiotic to come out with the stupid idea that if they hide the spacecraft within a cloud (which has exactly the same shape (damn it !)) .. no one will notice it?

There are people there who believe that some stones can evoke they passed away ancestors.. It’s a mess dangerously close with mental issues..

People want freedom.. but people read and translate such word through a deranged intellectual verbalization which then drags them to the territories of illusions.. And the mind who lives in illusions cannot be free..

I do not know if you have ever considered the nature of the intellect.

When the intellect, with all of its luggages of conditioning’s, interferes with intelligent perceptiveness having no self-observation nor self-orientation at all, then mediocrity and stupidity set in and ferment.

The function of the intellect is not to believe, to cling, to accept.. but rather to inquire, to search out, together with all other parts of the brain and mind.. to find out for itself .. which is evolutive intelligence..

But because of the syncope of inward psychological security, which is intellectual security, because we’re frightened, anxious and tense about life, we tie up our minds and collectives to so many verbalized and institutionalized illusory ideals because of which what’s called “freedom” becomes, instead, a fashionable mask for miserable psychological slavery..

Please think about these things..

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The words and work of Diego Fontanive

''Psychological freedom cannot be learned, nor it can be achieved by following a path, it's years light far away from all motivational attempts, from all spiritual ruminations, from all poetical and ideological philosophies and from all gurus of all kind, from all ideals and from existential stratagems including religions, politics, traditions, moralities, dogmas, cultures, cults or sectarian beliefs and all beliefs in general with no exclusion: it has no path whatsoever.. All undiscovered, unexplored, never faced territories of the mind must be discovered, explored and faced without clinging to any belief, ''truths'', ''hopes'', ''god'', ideal & common sense of ''normality''.. and that's the hardest investigation.. ''

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