Imagination: A precise technology to unite all facets of the mind; to build and link worlds. To get us to know and go beyond the visible known, to help us understand with out learning... It's already all there after all, its not lost... just buried under oceans of conditioning

Believing is always unreality

In response to “Peter Moon – A Holographic Library Left By An Advanced Civilization” (…and all other maybe true “finds”)

Let’s try to keep it simple then:

1) Assuming that what this guy exposes is true..
2) Assuming that everything is synchronicity
3) Assuming that the universe is holographic and ancient astronauts left here their holographic library
4) Assuming that the planet is hollow or that the core is made by pure cheese
5) Assuming that can be possible to put together with mathematical precision all of these things to prove them as true
6) Assuming that as far as we know we live in an universe which responds to the law of infinite (even if it is an infinite bubble contracting, expanding and reproducing itself everlastingly) and therefore whatever we believe, including the time-traveller god of bananas and Santa Claus must be logically real somewhere else in the cosmos due to infinite possibilities present in an infinite universe ..
7) Assuming what we are nothing than a future 2 minutes-videogame inherent in simulated reality played by a person in the year 20014 just like the ”holodeck” in Start Trek
8) Assuming all of these things.. then all of these assumptions do not change the fact that nothing can disprove the condition in which we are having a constant psychological experience .. and this psychological experience is the only real reality we do know ..

This means that all studies interested to the factors that are outside of this reality are more than welcome when they are fueled by curiosity.. but when they are, instead, nourished by identification, hopes, illusory or theoretical archetypes and so on.. then they become acts of believing..

A) The psychological experience is always real.. no matter how unreal is its subject.. therefore the very psychological experience, separated by its object, should be completely investigated and understood as a prior psychological activity..
B) If in lack of such an immense self-inquiry.. then what remains is just believing.. and believing is always unreality .. therefore under the dome of believing we will be always ignorant slaves .. and tourists of our psychology

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The words and work of Diego Fontanive

''Psychological freedom cannot be learned, nor it can be achieved by following a path, it's years light far away from all motivational attempts, from all spiritual ruminations, from all poetical and ideological philosophies and from all gurus of all kind, from all ideals and from existential stratagems including religions, politics, traditions, moralities, dogmas, cultures, cults or sectarian beliefs and all beliefs in general with no exclusion: it has no path whatsoever.. All undiscovered, unexplored, never faced territories of the mind must be discovered, explored and faced without clinging to any belief, ''truths'', ''hopes'', ''god'', ideal & common sense of ''normality''.. and that's the hardest investigation.. ''

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