Mom had a stroke so I’m looking into high blood pressure

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The vaccine scam

From a reader…

I have had rounds of vaccinations that have made me sick not only almost immediately but for weeks afterwards. I have also seen others get sick right after their rounds of vaccinations. I am talking within hours. I was not sick and neither were they before hand. Don’t trust them. I trust my immune system itself. IF I do get sick, and need antibiotics I go get them. By that time my immune system is over whelmed and obviously needs extra assistance. My general rule of thumb is the body will heal itself if given time

If the body has what it needs for a healthy immune system then the statement “I trust my immune system” is good for most things…

The question then becomes, does the immune system have what it needs to function at peek performance? How would we know?

I don’t take vacinations or other medical industry drugs… I do find out what I can about what I need to be healthy and then find out where I can get that in the food I can get locally

This has been working out okay so far for me

Of course there is also the issue of environmental toxins… I can find out how to avoid them… some I can’t… which is a shame, but that’s the reality people allowed

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Depressed? Your thoughts about depression

From a friend and his discussion with someone about their depression…

So: you want to get rid of what you call ‘hell’ … and you admit to yourself that such a hell comes from the addiction you have to your thoughts ..right? So obviously the matter is to understand that addiction rather than the thoughts to which you are addicted. So i’m asking you this: have your ever thought on the possibility in which what you call depression may is something else? What I mean by that?

Now I want you to think at these things: but again; not through distractions: push away distraction, sadness, the conditioning coming from your mother and other contaminators away!

Do it … take a few minutes to focus yourself if you need … but do it.
Push all distraction away whether if emotional or intellectual..

Now think at these things:

You said you spent 15 years of your life trying to escape your suffering ’cause your pain gives and gave you anxiety… always. But you also said that nothing ever worked no matter if you tried spiritual approaches, medical ones, intellectual ones or whatever else.. right?

So I tell you that the real origin of your anxiety and pain Doesn’t come from your Depression… But from the Act, The Constant Compulsive Act, of your Escaping the Depression Itself.

Again: the mental movements and the self-rape you do to yourself do not come from the state of depression… but from the fact you always tried to escape it for 15 years…

Indeed you talk at your pain as an individual entity… something who follows you and followed you all of your life… isn’t it true?

So the ghost of depression follows you constantly… and constantly you tries to escape it… even by fomenting suicidal thoughts in your mind as the ultimate attempt to escape psychological pain…

But in truth I tell you that even if you kill yourself … the ghost of your pain will still be there … there is no escape!

And also I tell you that the real reason of your pain is your relationship with your depression and your relationship with your depression, what you nourish every single day since you wake up in the morning is all calibrated to the willingness to escape… right?

It’s from the need to escape that your anxiety and pain come from … not from your depression… because your depression is an information your mind is suggesting you … an information that tells you your still emotionally alive and you are not in the path followed by your mother!

Do you understand this? Your depression is a ‘fever’ your mind uses to inform you that you still emotionally, existentially and mentally alive! You have to fully understand this because this is the pillar of your psychological life.

So … have you ever thought and watched at the possibility to embrace your depression rather than escaping it?

Do not escape your depression: Stay with your depression! Talk with your depression.

Understand peacefully the wholeness of its psychological movements and attitudes … its shadows and mirrors…
And do not allow the psychological ghost of your mother, nor the memories of your eventual past traumas, to enter your private, intimate and intense communication with your depression.

If you establish a total communication with your depression, then pain and anxiety will disappear like dry leafs at the wind! As well all suicidal thought will reveal how silly they are…

You will see, during the conversation with your depression, when your depression comes… and if that communication is profoundly pure and free of all conditioning’s… there will be even space to laugh! … you and your depression… talking about your mutual story… laughing!

For example: even the word itself is funny: De-Pression… it means “no longer pressure”

Surely what you need is not an escape: do not escape anymore!
Ignore all spiritual archetypes that are there only to put mist into your mind…

What you need is not an escape, nor a temporary drug: what you need is a radical psychological revolution.. and that radical r-evolution can be achieved by the establishment of a profound and honest communication with your depression… cutting off anxiety and fear!

I tell you a story regarding suicidal thoughts: a story of guy from Belgium who called me in the middle of the night 2 years ago… So I went there and I immediately realized he wanted to kill himself (a rope on the roof, long letters ready to be sent to the parents and friends and so on).. We had a long conversation all night long…

The day after he was ok..

Then he came back after one year to visit me… He was fine… but he told me a magical thing…

He said, “it’s not that now i’m not longer depressed… but that night I had a shift!

Because I realized that before I was a victim of my depression and I tried to escape it in all possible ways… from meditation to alcohol and drugs… from motivational stuff up to chemical medications… but nothing worked.. because by escaping my depression I was shaping myself into the victim of my depression…

So my shift was that before I used to be a victim of my depression… while after that night and now: I am the observer of my depression! … And actually my depression, now, became a very good indicator and tool to understand my life and what i’m going through”

Do you understand the intensity of this quality?
The quality of talking totally and in full understanding with our depression being no longer a victim nor a slave of the hell you described?
Do you get it ?
The flower hidden within depression?

You can call me weird or hard to understand… but if you feel, even if gradually, ..if you feel and perceive the fibrillating act of growing, of psychological understanding and life… as like the little blade of grass does during its path to break the asphalt… If you move beyond the mist of anxiety and fear… then what you feel… even if for a single moment.. is freedom!

Freedom of the mind!
What you need is a psychological revolution, not an escape

Diego Kricek Fontanive, The end of fear project

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