Writing The Global Constitution-The 9 Things Group

I’m still curious as to what people would write. This is the scenario:

  • You get to participate in the writing of a global constitution
  • You decide what you’d like to have set down as universal cans and cannots, shalls and shall nots, you get to write the rules.
  • You can only choose 9 things

I’m not going to offer and suggestions. I’m only interested in what you would choose.

I think we should include some about me info. Lets say: Sex, Age and Location.

That’s enough from me for now…


Watching the world as it thinks... It seems there is no change in human thinking... the only changes are in technology

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Watching Revenge

Isn't revenge the biggest draw at the box office? Why so angry? At what?

Did it just start when we'd been here a while.. after we'd seen what we'd seen?

Or does it follow us here from the past? The history of mankind stored in genetic memory?

What would we kill to make it stop? What would quench this fire