Real Currency, Real Value

What do people actually work for? What is it we’re trying to get?

At some point there will be no such thing as money. In time the idea of currency will refine itself. All things must become what they are. All ideas eventually distill to their essence.

When this refining is done we’re left with what is real in any given thing. Once this happens we won’t use money. The real currency is, and has always been, appreciation.

Why do we work? First off we go to work to survive. What do we do with our pay? After food and shelter what do we buy? We buy appreciation. We buy acceptance.

We’re really purchasing a feeling. The admiration and acceptance feels good. It’s enjoyable when people like us. It feels good when people tell us, “Good job”.

It feels good to have a family and friends and to be able to take care of them. This feeling is the only real value we get out of the bargain.

Money is like the priest. The priest promises to intercede for us. At some point we realize this middle man is just living off us and we address god ourselves. Money is just a middle man.

The people who own money and in turn run the world are parasites. The deal we struck, by default, says, I’ll do what needs done, you give me what I need. We don’t work for what we want, we work for what we need.

We may not really want a house in a certain part of town but we need what having that house gives us. In this case it may be – Admiration. Having the house may get us the girl of our dreams.

There is little real value in a car. A car is a tool. Some people use cars to move things from place to place. Some people use cars to say, “Look at me”! There are enough cars laying around for everybody to have one. If all we wanted were cars.

The only real currency is appreciation. We work for what has real value. We work for smiles and hugs and pats on the back. Acceptance feels good. Acceptance means security. Acceptance means self worth.

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