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Crimes Against Americas Kids

Remember I wrote about the ‘new’ criminal behavior? Like mall murders and school shootings? There’s a reason for everything and with events like these there is most often something sinister behind the scenes (Stefan Molyneux of: Freedomain Radio).

Todays most sinister activities are being played out by the US Government that has been sold and is under the control of the worlds wealthiest people and corporations.

Money and power have usurped the government. No surprise there. Nothing new, nothing different. But it’s good to keep up with how it’s all playing out.

Here are some links to sites where the war on children is being documented

Go to: The War on Kids

For videos in this series:

Where ‘Zero Tolerance’ Leads

They’re not schools any more. They’re prisons – without the rights

Crushing spirits, injuring bodies, dulling minds

The Ultimate Surveillance State


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