A Conversation With Memory

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“Wait, hold on a minute I said, so you can remember all the times you died and those other lives? The look in his eyes said he did and it was extremely unpleasant burden to bear. No wonder you talk about history of mankind all the time. So we die over and over like in that movie ‘Groundhog Day’ but still always find ourselves right where we left off, but even more worse and intense then before like a limbo?” “Exactly he said, and it’s a total mental institution we are forced to live in cause we refuse to understand, to be responsible.

Humans will do anything to avoid this understanding they rather entertain them selves, or distract them selves, look to busy them selves in projects missions new experiences, spiritual keys, shopping, fighting wars, do what ever we can to pass the time to numb ourselves to not think and avoid responsibility.

This can only tell me one thing and that is people like their prison, they like their conditioning they want it and will do what they can to protect it. No one seems to care about his or her mind, or why we are so confused, you would think humans should be experts in confusion by now, but no they do not even think about it or ask these questions and when they do they do not stay with it long enough to go deep enough with it to fully understand.

Not one spiritual enlightened speaker knows the answer to this or seems to understand what they are doing.”


Watching the world as it thinks... It seems there is no change in human thinking... the only changes are in technology

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Watching Revenge

Isn't revenge the biggest draw at the box office? Why so angry? At what?

Did it just start when we'd been here a while.. after we'd seen what we'd seen?

Or does it follow us here from the past? The history of mankind stored in genetic memory?

What would we kill to make it stop? What would quench this fire