The Trump Regime

I was really interested in what would happen when Trump got in. I knew I’d still see and hear a lot of stupid shit. Maybe more than normal cause Don’s such a fuckin a dumbass and loves to run his mouth. But there’s always gonna be that constant flow of stupid shit coming out of DC and the DC news shows. So although I expected a lot of the same, I was hoping for some new.

There was, and still is, a viciousness going on between the outed and the newly in that intrigued me. Not with the figure heads so much as with the whole system. It seemed clear the new and the old were not from the same camp. I was waiting to see if the new camp had something new… As it turns out, not a single god damned thing of note.

Now it seems to me the hostility in DC was in reaction to a hostile takeover of the DC business. The business hasn’t changed. Ideologies are not noticeably different. The new just wanted the business and they got it. So all the profit is being redirected?

Who’s getting it? Who’s not? I’d like to see into those rooms… not because I find them all that interested, I just like knowing stuff

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