The pretenders

I was thinking yesterday about past societies living under their well known tyrants. Thinking about the thinking that went on with the people in those societies. Probably the most publicized of which is Hitlers Germany.

We can always see four major factions within those societies: The government and law enforcement, the imprisoned and persecuted, the masses, and the dissidents.

I doubt there’s any more talked about government aberration than Nazi Germany. So what do people say about it? What do they think about when they think about it? It won’t happen to us? That can’t happen in the US? I live in the US so know little of the realities in the rest of the world.

Now comes the pretending part…

I can’t remember not feeling like I lived in a tyrannical totalitarian system. I’ve always felt like a prisoner. Locked inside some government moneyed law prison. Made to adhere or face the consequences. The first of which was my home followed grade school. I may be the extreme case here but I felt it. Experienced it. It was, to me, the reality. I was being governed and knew it

What type of government do we have? Corporatism? Capitalist? Fascist? A Democracy? [**]

Who writes and enforces the law? For sure it’s not me or the masses. Why would people need health insurance? Why would people be taxed? Why would people need a drivers license or a passport? Why would people need money to get things? Things like shelter or food. Why would you need money to by medicine or have an appendix removed? Is this the way the majority would have it?

In the United States you live under the rule of law and those laws are written and enforced by the government at the behest of the moneyed class. That’s the reality. It’s the way things are and every single person knows it. Not, thinks it may be true, but knows it to be the reality. These are the conditions under which we all were raised and presently live.

Do we not live the same as those people of Nazi Germany? What are our divisions?* The government and law enforcement, the imprisoned and persecuted, the masses, and the fourth group, the dissidents.

If you go against the State in any real way. Meaning if you are a real threat to the State you will be imprisoned or killed. That is the reality. The US law enforcement collective has been militarized. That is the reality. If you interfere with State operations at any level, from tower to town, you will be, at the very least, taken into custody. This is the reality.

So what flavor of political system is that?** What would you call a government owned and operated by the moneyed class?

Why would people need a static political system at all? Why would people need static centralized government? Why would we need a centralized, privately owned and controlled, monetary system? The reality is we don’t. There are any number of sane workable alternatives.

What is Imperialism? The last time I checked the US had 960 military bases with a budget of 1.6 trillion going to the numerous corporations that profit of the military. Why would the masses want what is the US Foreign Policy and endless wars?*

I’d say we live in a Totalitarian political system which is just another form of Imperialism.* But even if we don’t name it. Even if people disagree on the finer points in definition. Everyone knows they live in a control system and that, aside from perhaps a local community, they have no say as to what gets done to them. Everyone knows this.

This, knowing, is not in question. I question the pretending. We grew up pretending. We used our imaginations. We played with trucks and dolls and built worlds and made up imaginary conversations and relationships in our pretend worlds. At some point we lost interest in our worlds of trucks and dolls and set aside those toys for new ones. We upgraded to bikes and basketball. Then we were schooled and began to imagine, and build, worlds of families and businesses. But we never gave up pretending.

I’d say we only got better at pretending as we grew up in a reality we didn’t choose and didn’t want. We pretend because we must. We pretend because to stop would mean we’d lose our imagined worlds. Those worlds where everything will be okay.

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Totalitarianism – totalitarianism
1) “centralized control by an autocratic authority”
2) “the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority”

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“the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction”

Capitalism? (merriam-webster – capitalism)
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2) “a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control”

A Democracy?
a) “government by the people; especially: rule of the majority”
b) “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections”

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