Suicidal Thoughts, Depression, Anxiety

As far as mental health, in the western world, goes suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety or real common. We could say all these are all stress related disorders. So we also see they all have the same solution: Eliminate the sources of our day to day stress

We say day to day stress because that’s the source of our mental health disorder. A cougar trying to get into your house may be stressful, but it’s actually a healthy stress. The kind of stress that causes depression and anxiety is the deep seated existential fear, worry and insecurity concerning our personal and collective future.

The good news is all this worry and hurry and stress and concern is completely unnecessary: It’s not a requirement for living out our lives…

We have the option to simply and effectively stop… Not modify our fears… Not learn to cope with anxiety and depressive thoughts… But completely and permanently stop worrying, stop stressing, stop feeling insecure, stop being afraid

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