Stop CenturyLink’s Internet webhelper

I hate this redirect traffic script. But CenturyLink has a good secure connection. I guess it’s impossible to overlook the possible cash they might make from grabbing 404 traffic.

Anyway I’ve read a lot on what to do and we all know what CenturyLink says we can do. Problem with that is it only lasts for one session online. If the setting doesn’t revert on it’s own as it often does. My real serious issue it’s redirecting CenturyLink Traffic from my sites.

The fix is in your modem settings. You’ll find a place to block sites. Blocked webhelper a few weeks ago. Today I got a 403 (access denied) for a not found. They couldn’t redirect me to their search page… better than nothing. Maybe if a million people do it they’ll give up and stop interfering in people’s lives

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