Looking at what is

From our information we imagine what we want… fossils become evidence for our ideas… ideas become evidence for what we want. In the physical observable world there is only one reality. In the world of what is, consensus is not evidence.

Good science will establish what is, and lead to more good science… wanting things to be real, leads to more wanting. We can begin to examine our relationship with what is by asking , “What do I want?”.

We can be researchers… or followers

The halls of the Moog

As light and sound are interchangeable the library held not only the visual memories of all the beings but the sound their living made as well… they sang. The tones were unimaginable and I won’t even try to describe them to you, but they remained since the beginning and I heard them as they orchestrated themselves into the most phenomenal symphony

Critiquing Belief

In the widespread critique of belief being pasted across the web today few are the critics without the type of belief they critique

Instead of critiquing belief perhaps we could critique confusion… for out of confusion comes the wanting that leads to faith based believing and who is their that has escaped confusion

Societies shaping people

Would you agree that 99% of all people are taught to be who they are and as a result of their teaching and conditioning do what they do?