Boundaries of learning

As with imagination, understanding is confined to our images
We build the boundaries of learning with fences built of knowns
We say this is, that can’t be, paint our cells in flying colors

At the mercy of something

From as far back as I can remember my life hasn’t changed much.
I’ve always lived at the mercy of something
I know the way out, but it’s too time consuming
Somehow in understanding all this I might draw some small comfort

The thought of ending

Minds awake and tumbling, the red coals slow and the cold seeps in

I dread the morning, the thought of ending, I look for another way but nothing comes. The words were spoken and thereby the man

Sink down this last time and dream of the living… the good times the sweet winded days

That which is corruptible

All systems that are corruptible will be corrupted… the monetary system will continue to operate the way it does. All the things that make people’s lives hard will continue until people decide to do something different. Governments will always be populated by sociopaths and psychopaths. All institutions and ideologies and so on, and so on