New Thought Paradigm

A failure in new thinking is evident to anyone who is willing to look at history and the psychological condition of mankind… We have the same problems today as we did a thousand or ten thousand years ago…

We discover things about the brain, we study human behavior, we tear in to the genome, we send telescopes out into space… and we repeat mistakes… over and over again

We have cool technology like cell phones, we can capture police beating people on side walks… We have flying war ships, we can capture the slaughter of civilians in foreign countries.. and broadcast it on the web

We have the world of information at our fingertips, but elect the same criminals, adopt the same belief systems, cheer and cry with joy and rage against injustice… nothing changes accept our clothes and our cars

Why doesn’t anything change? Why don’t people change? Who wants to go to war, to kill, to die or see children starve? Why does it continue?

Lots of people will tell you they have the answer. If we’d only follow this teaching, that religion, meditate, care more for others, obey god… are these things the answer?

People say we need to elect better people, form lobbies, protest, sign petitions… End government, form new governments, overthrow old governments…Nothing changes in the mind of mankind

We still hate, we still envy, strive, compete, steal, search endlessly for security, love, peace, peace of mind, the truth, the “Answer”… and nothing changes

Do we think If we had an answer we’d have changed?

Is there an answer, Out There, anywhere? If so where is it, what is it and why hasn’t somebody found it and presented it?

I’ve found something that has worked for, or is working for, me… I started this on my own as a way out of drug addiction and madness… recently I ran into some others who are onto the same understanding

It could be described, in brief, as an understanding of Mind. Many of you already know what I’ve been doing and thinking so I’ll provide a link to a person I’d like you to meet… I know you’ll find this interesting.

If you work in the fields of Psychology, pay close attention, to the message and to yourself while looking at the message

The EOF Project

Suffering takes place worldwide because the minds of people have been programmed to seek security instead of freedom.

By seeking security all life long then ‘god’ becomes important, ‘social belonging’ becomes important, ‘identity’ becomes important, ‘being normal’ becomes important, ‘nationality’ becomes important, ‘conditionings’ becomes important, ‘self-esteem’ becomes important, ‘competition’ becomes important, ‘power’ becomes important… while freedom, love, peace, emotions, intelligent tranquility and conscious perceptive serenity becomes no more than abstract topics for poetry and philosophy.

Diego Fontanive, the End Of Fear Project