In order to understand why people do things, or don't do things, we'd need to be other people... to experience what others experience is to truly understand others...

What We Fear

Is what we call fear natural?

Look out! Watch it! Move!! Is this fear?

The reaction to emergency might not be what we think of as fear, the feeling, at all. If a life threatening situation comes up, fast enough, we won’t feel fear either. We feel fear when we’re thinking about things, either before they happen or after.

We can feel fear over things that will never happen. If there is a Primal Fear in humans I think it’s somehow associated with a lot of noise. Most baby humans don’t like loud noises. Screaming, crashing, sirens…But even then we don’t live in fear of it.

We only live in fear of what we’re taught. We live in fear of our beliefs. We could discard any belief that causes fear, or discomfort, and see what’s left when we’re through.

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