The Minds Activities

Question: I wish I could genuinely find a way of thinking that didn’t fill me with fear or piss me off.

Answer: This never ending recollection, reliving, or maybe we could say chronic remembering, of events is not really thinking. If it was we’d simply not think it… Call it what you like, I like the term program because I understand it easiest this way. I have programs that run… Some say, “Something bad is going to happen”. I’ve identified this, know when it’s happening, what it is and simply observe it – it lessens. I know the feelings associated with it. I observe them… They lessen.

Over time I’ve come to be pretty much constantly attentive to my minds activities… I’m attentive to my environment: the sounds, movements, wind, smells… the programs running, the feelings generated, any reaction to those feelings etc…

The better we know ourselves, the better we understand ourselves, the better off we are in all aspects of life… We no longer need to conjure, search, or look outside ourselves… we can think realisticly, with no need for escape. Fear isn’t the problem, our reaction to, our relationship with, fear is..

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