The End Of Heaven Angels And Guides

A response to the people following channelers and the New Age / Old Age movement in general

… everything that men say, write, preach etc. is man made… In near 60 years I’ve never heard or seen anything from mankind but the ideas of mankind…

Also, lets pretend that there are gods and angels sending messages to preachers (channelers, mystics…), what makes us thinks those sending the messages know what they’re talking about?

Why would we think some things out there are more intelligent or capable then we are? Or, that all that out there stuff gives a shit about we earthlings… ? We’ve been playing with, fighting over, becoming attuned to… and looking for… some unseen answer… for as long as recorded history itself, and we’re the same messed up bunch of whiners, wishers and killers that we were 17,000 years ago.

If we really cared about ourselves or others wouldn’t we stop doing the same things over and over? Why not try something new, something revolutionary? Why not go to work finding the bugs buried in our own minds… find out the source of what keeps us crazy and go to work on it?

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