more on honesty, continuing the discussion

Figured I’d just continue this muse here and link to it so people could add their thoughts.

Had a couple of thoughts about honesty lately. One being that there were times that I honestly thought I should lie to people – so I did. Still do. Sometimes it’s just stupid to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

There are other situations where we might lie to ourselves because we think we should, or we are sort of ashamed about what the truth is. Or that feeling some way might bring us trouble. I used to tell myself I really honestly wanted to stop smoking cigarettes. That was not the truth and I couldn’t make any real headway in quitting until I got honest with myself.

The fact was I wanted to smoke all the cigarettes I felt like smoking – with impunity. But I found I could say I honestly wanted to stop breathing in smoke. That was closer to the truth. Now at least I don’t smoke cigarettes.

There was something else I was tip toeing around. It was about what I really wanted to do with my life here. I got honest about that recently: feels better just admitting it.

Have you ever wanted something bad to happen to someone but squelched the thought and said to yourself, “No, that’s not right, I’ll pray that good things befall them”? You know we can do both. I can be so sick of certain types of humans I’d love to knock them out of existence with a hammer and bury their worthless hides where no one would ever find them – and – ask whatever exists, as far as a creator thing, to give them all the good things I’d want for myself. It’s not necessarily an either or – it’s important we be real with ourselves too.

In doing these thought exercises we can find out how to practice the principle of honesty every day – honestly. I mean, we can’t reap the benefit of a principle when we’re not truly putting it into practice. I say if you hate, hate. Admit it. If you want to do drugs and you’re really pissed off that you know it’s not best – admit it. Denying it doesn’t make it not there.

That’s it for now. Can’t think of anything else. It’s late and darker than the inside of a cow out there. Bedtime




2 comments on “more on honesty, continuing the discussion
  1. Hi, this is intereting blog. It makes a lot of sense, it’s nice to see other peoples thoughts. Keep up the great work.

  2. Doug Wilson says:

    Thanks, I guess I should turn on alerts so I know when someone comments

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