Another look at guilt

I was walking to get some tool from the shop today and thinking about my favorite question: Why are we so susceptible to belief, to conditioning… why are we so easy to program?

So this led my thinking, as it always does, to some sort of fear… Fear seems to be the common denominator of conditioned people… but the part I never could quite figure out is why we’re so “Ready” to be afraid? …it’s like we’re waiting for it… expecting it

Then I thought, “Guilt”. Then I thought, “The sins of the father…”. To me, the Bible has nothing to do with Christians, Big ass creation Gods, or religions. I read it like I read any book: like somebody, for some reason, wrote a bunch of shit down

But there it was and as soon as it popped into my head I thought, “That’s it”, that’s the answer…

I have a lot of questions about the answer, but I think this is a crucial part in unraveling our historic nonsensical thinking and behavior

Then later on I was looking at something someone else wrote, and guess what? They said the same thing… Okay, Onward to Clarity

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