Absolute Freedom

We invented a god so to feel not alone in the cosmos, so to move, psychologically, along the steps of our life according with a divine purpose..

Then we clung on it, fearing to lose his archetypal hope, and simultaneously we being in constant reverential apprehension concerning his power to destroy us, to condemn us to the hell, in the case we weren’t good enough to accomplish his celestial orders, agenda and plans..

But, to be deleterious and fool enough, just for a little while, to even consider that heaven and hell are not real… but some idiotic cosmic joke. To be this for a moment, a mind who became absolutely and totally attentive, having no psychological fear at all, nor conditioning’s of any kind, even of being condemned to the infinite hell or the infinite heaven after death… just for a moment…

Being in that mind, infinite in itself, the mind would then know exactly how to use its infinite intelligence to get out of the hassle of the hell static and boredom of the paradise… proceeding on his way… in absolute freedom…

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