In order to understand why people do things, or don't do things, we'd need to be other people... to experience what others experience is to truly understand others...

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... out of observing the precursor to the constant "In my head" conversations I had with people... that these, for the most part, occurred when I was physically and mentally involved in some other action... driving, building something, mowing the lawn.

The nuisance to me was, I had no interest in these conversations. On the contrary: I wanted them to stop so I might use my thinking differently (whatever that turned out to be) ... the only suggestion for remedying this chattering was observing... as it came up.

So observing what was happening, as it happened, was nothing new... but observing where it came from was. To catch the action as it arose... is this even possible?

After some months of observation I got to where I could catch the process close to it's beginning. Then one day I saw it start... what I saw there was a thought / picture of the person the chattering was directed at.

So I began to observe this...

The world as words

I. me. Mind, thinking... living, life... space, time, distance, light, dark

Just Words for things, words for sentences shared between people..

People, humans, mankind... we know the words

When we think about things, do we think about the things?

... or do we think about the words?

Do we think about things? Interact with things? Or are we in a relationship with our ideas... our descriptions... our feelings toward, or our knowledge of, the things

I can't imagine a world without language... But I'd like to