The spiritual quest

The spiritual quest, the spiritual path, the search for answers to life’s deeper mysteries… where does it all start? How does it become something that any of us even begin to think about?

Well it, for sure, didn’t start with you and me. I’ll tell you what I’ve found out about people and people’s problems and how the whole crazy spiritual idea took off. Do people without problems search for meaning? You know, “What’s the meaning of life?”. We look for answers and that’s what all searches are about… So, what’s the question?

To the observation part… all questions come out of “Something’s wrong”… Why do I feel like this, why is everything going bad for me, why do I never get what I want, why do I feel lost, lonely, angry, afraid… Why? This is always where the search, of the so called spiritual nature, begins… What happy kids in the yard are interested in the meaning of life?

Right now we can close this search down for good, be done with it, and get on to something that works.

All problems that are not physical: my roof is leaking, I broke my leg and so on; are problems in thinking.

Here are some common thinking problems… They don’t like me and it makes me feel bad, I don’t fit in with my society and it makes me feel lonely… Problems in thinking are often, almost always, confused with problems with Life. What problems does Life have? Life doesn’t even have a problem with us having a problem… ‘If’ we accept the fact that our all our problems are thinking problems ‘Then’ why, where and to what end would we search for answers?

Take our first example: I don’t fit in with my society and it makes me feel lonely; what’s the problem? Is the problem Me, the I? Is, Not fitting in, the problem? Wouldn’t everything change if our thoughts about society and fitting in were different? All of our ideas, about everything, result in feelings. All of our thoughts – result in feelings. If we feel bad, where should we be looking?

We can search for answers for as long as we want: we can question people, read books, practice all the practices falling under the heading of Spiritually and Religion, we can collect every bit of data available to man and it won’t address the problem in our thinking.

Can you guess what comes next…

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