Controlling the planet

Someone asked about Trump and the Paris summit.

The people, whoever they are, behind Trump took over the DC business. So, the business of global warming: taxing and controlling those wanting to enter, or compete, in the business, whatever that business entails. I don’t know how the moves they made benefit them exactly in the short or long term. Haven’t bothered to look at it.

They asked if this was all part of the one world government idea…

Yes. That would be the plan. But it was the plan of many administrations. Administrations: Administrators; carry out the plan of the owners. I think there’s (repeating myself) a power struggle at the owner level.

So yes, some want total control of the planet and all it’s resources including people. But one person, or one family, can’t do it. So there would have to be some form of cartel. But there would likely be squabbles (psychopaths are after all pretty self oriented) so likely more than one cartel…

Also, there’s the currency thing. Cartels control currency. The dollar is dead… centrally controlled fiat currencies are dead… That’s a big deal if you control money. This all gets kind of monotonousness after a while and I get tired of watching it. If people want out they’ll have to learn how to make their own stuff

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