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I spent most of my life addicted to alcohol and opiates… I stopped in 2003. I’ve worked as a criminal, a builder, a musician, an artist… I’ve drifted, rode horses, done time and teetered on the edge of insanity… This website was made as a place for me to write and anyone who wants to make use of it can feel free to do so.

I put things here that I think could be useful to people… Leave comments about anything… No need to register, in fact you can’t, if you can add and subtract you can write what you want… One more thing: If I don’t know it’s broke I can’t fix it; tell me about any problems you run into here… Or if you want to talk privately use the Contact form

18 comments on “Thinkers Welcome
  1. Testy Sparks Testy Sparks says:

    I see you dumped BootyPress BuddyPress…

  2. dgswilson says:

    BootyPress @^@ – had to, to much trouble…

    • Paul Yak says:

      Hi ALL,

      Just found you, GREAT Site/Info. I was fortunate to find Linus Pauling research, that man is a seriously cool man, and they give him Nobel Prizes yet still undermine his work. Criminals. Dr. Libby is another great man. Dr. Rife cured many diseases with Low Electrical Frequencies, proved he could beat cancer. So they put him on pedestal? NO they vilify him/associates and break into labs, shut down clinics etc. Evil people.

      Vit C also works for addiction, I can testify to this. I don’t even think about them, which is unheard of with conventional treatments. 2yrs Clean. Brain is really coming back now. Thanks.

  3. Sam O'Hare Sam O'Hare says:

    Great format for comments. Agree with most of content, so far, good thoughts and ideas. Surprised there aren’t more comments.

    If I get back to Portlandia I’ll email you and we can do a meeting. Sam

  4. Doug says:

    I’ve never had a lot of comments. Thanks and see ya if you get to town

  5. dgswilson says:

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

  6. Fred says:

    Been reading, a lot of ideas here…

  7. Mary Baily says:

    Wow, Doug Wilson is still alive… Your like the sole survivor?

  8. dgswilson says:

    Mary Baily, alive, well and having fond memories

  9. Don Henley says:

    Tough to look at things this deeply, but I’m getting it

  10. dgswilson says:

    It’s just the beginning

  11. dgswilson says:

    Pittman’s analysis was delivered six months before the market collapse in the fall of 2008

  12. dgswilson says:

    Lists can tell us a lot about ourselves… We can start with some simple lists like the one’s below:

    Needs: Air, water, shelter…

    Wants: Peace of mind, friends…

    Fears: Lonliness, old age, a lack of meaning to life…

    It’s not hard, but it’s really never complete either… We will always think of something else to add… the good thing about it is it gets us thinking about it…

  13. Diego says:

    Doubt is flowering intelligence, (without doubt there only belief, which is cerebral petrification), but when doubt, questioning ourselves, leads to a problem… then it leads to a ramification of many many other useless doubts and useless problems…

    then one should immediately interrupt the act of questioning… and begin an intense and intelligent inquiry regarding the very reason why the problems and the useless ramification took roots in the brain…

    He will find out that he was not thinking with his act of questioning… but rather through his act of questioning… and this activity has the quality to ramificate itself very very rapidly creating a vortex of so often imaginary problems and idiotic dilemmas…

    Can one be aware of his act of questioning the very moment that act of questioning appears into his own psyche?

    Otherwise there is just questioning… but not awareness of the thought…

  14. Doug Wilson says:


    It’s fine, I was outside, I had to go check to see what my wording was… it was, “US Military Government”… I’d say that Democracy, is basically a doorway to fascism… meaning that people with money, Corporations, businesses (including religious businesses, Cities, States etc. can pay to have laws and regulations passed… that’s where we are in the US… the money writes the rules, the people obey…

    Since the money always wants more money (or more accurately, control of resources) it’s not long before it needs to obtain resources from other countries… then you get a military regime: Imperialism; invading other countries, overthrowing governments etc. and setting up international corporations that control the newly implanted governments…

    Right now in the US people are getting arrested, fined, harassed for not conforming… in some places, maybe all places, it’s against the law to catch rain water… kids need a permit to sell lemonade… the armed forces does anything the government tells them to do… in spite of what the constitution says… Police do what the cities and States tell them to do… in spite of what the constitution says…

    So yes I see the US, and most of Europe, as Fascist States… all to some greater or lesser degree

  15. dgswilson says:

    I hate to write on facebook’s tiny chat box… So for any thing longer than, Hi, okay, by… I got to do it here

    as I said, corporations bought government

    I used to be interested in political stuff… I thought that if exposed there would be a chance for change…

    I no longer think there’s a possibility to change, improve, government through interaction, negotiation, intimidation, exposure… that never has happened in the past… it just goes on and on… So I don’t look at the political activist things anymore…

    Now I look mainly at myself and thinking… and talk to people about thinking…

  16. Happy Day says:

    Join, Post, Own… Why build social website empires for other people, when you can build your own?

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