Block Access To Bad Bots, Scrapers, Proxies

How would you feel about a program written in php that would do the following:

Block access from IP address networks operated by data centers, hosting companies, and cloud computing providers. Deny access from the Tor proxy network, Planetlab and Open Proxies.

Block access from IP addresses that are suspected to be associated with spam or other malicious activity. Block access from unwanted bots and spiders, filtering companies, and intellectual property monitoring companies.

Deny access to users with an invalid or blacklisted “User Agent” header. Analyzes each request header transmitted by users and blocks access when an invalid header is detected. Block spoofed bots masquerading as search engine spiders while ensuring that legitimate search engine spiders are allowed access.

Allow access from legitimate search engine spiders and not mess with legitimate visitors.

Who wouldn’t want that? That’s what we’re all trying to do right? Well I’ve been testing such a program and after a few days of watching and checking I can say “BlockScript Works”.

BlockScript isn’t free. It costs a couple hundred dollars for one domain. That’s a one time payment, then it’s yours. Now I have a few wordpress installations on this domain so I can use it for all of them and the forum. You can test the script for free to see how well it works.

If you use this link to check out Blockscript I’ll get a few dollars if you decide to buy. Now get out there and kick some bad critter ass.