"Becoming Ourselves On Purpose" Getting Started On The Self Determined Path

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Finding Our Way Through Observation, Common Sense, Honesty, Open Mindedness & Willingness

Observations in the following areas: Happiness, human nature, addictions, the world, health, sanity, the concept of God, examining old ideas, emotional and physical healing.

This is a chronicle of my journey from where I was to where I am. I lived in the ideas written about on each page. I learned some lessons and gained some understanding along the way.

The latest entries to this journal contain my latest experiences and realizations. You can follow recent posts, comment or start your own pages using the blogs or the forum.

I began writing about this exploration of the self while dealing with my addiction and continue to write things down as I live life after addiction. There is a lot of information here concerning drug addiction and emotional addictions. Addictions, beliefs, ideas about life can stand in the way of our personal health and well being.

Always there is one thing more than any other that keeps people from recovering from addictions, changing our minds, or doing what's necessary to move toward a better life situation. That one thing is fear. More specifically: Fear of the unknown.

A large part of getting started on a self determined path is dealing with fear. Letting go of old ideas.

Whatever keeps us from living a life we truly want, whether it's addiction or environmental conditioning, it won't get better until we change. For the most part I look at things from the viewpoint of addiction recovery. If you're not an addict, don't worry about it, as far as the "content" examined it's all the same. We could simply replace addiction with emotional dis-ease if we wanted to.

What Is Addiction?

Of course any attempt at defining - What Is Addiction - must be considered a work in progress. We could keep it simple for now and focus on the addict and whatever addictive substances or behavior they are addicted to. If we ever experience - "This is really making my life hard and painful, I should stop, but I just can't." - we might as well say we have an addiction - then find out what other addicts have done to recover. ...continue reading

Watching The World: Why am I interested?

There is no question the world is undergoing drastic changes. What can we do to control the changes instead of sitting idly by and watching?

When a percentage of the population knows the facts about the world they live in the world changes in accordance to this awareness.

What would happen if 60% of the people living in the U.S. believed their government was just a business looking after it's own interests?   ...continue reading

What Is The "System Of Life"?

For every observable thing there is a system involved concerning it's creation and operation. So there is Life as "The System". Every observable thing comes out of and is a part of the Life System. People have referred to a life span for all things we see on and from planet Earth. At the same time we might refer to this life span as a life cycle. My observation here is - Life span, and Life cycle, are very different descriptives. I always keep in mind the laws concerning energy.   ...continue reading

Conceptual Contradictions

If you read everything I've written you're going to run across contradictions. Keep in mind this is a journal - A journey. I've had people comment on some of what's written here telling me "I'm wrong about this or that". Mostly this happens when I write about god.

I mentioned that what I do today might not work for you. The reason for this is, I'm not you and you're not me. We're different. Anomalies and contradictions arise. The person I was when I wrote a page last year, or last month, is not the person I am today. Anyone who starts on a journey of self discovery will not remain the same. So why don't I remove pages that don't line up, precisely, with how I see things today? Why should I? They worked for me then, as I was, and were incremental to what I am.

So I leave what worked for me when I was as I was. Remember this is a journey through ideas, concepts, understanding and above all trial and error. I'd like people to read, test, work with, add to, discard and express their opinions on everything.

In every thing for everyone at any time there is a solution.

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