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Audio For A Healthy Mind

The audio files on this site are all chosen to enable the listener to improve the quality of their lives. All geared to get us started, and to continue our journey, on "The Self Determined Path".

You're Here... So Get your beats on. I'm always adding and removing audio files...

There are quite a few free meditation hypnosis mp3 audio tracks here. I've mainly focused on meditation and relaxation hypnosis mp3 recordings. Visitors can listen to and experience hypnosis relaxation techniques using binaural beats hypnosis. I have one sleep hypnosis mp3 from Brain Sync. There are some tracks used for self esteem hypnosis. You can get any of these through the bookstore link but this is a great place to try them out for free. Don't feel like you need to but anything I'll keep it here for you as long as necessary. There is some BrainSync and HemiSync type brain entrainment audio. Some of these contain written subliminal scripts so you can see how subliminal messages are used.

I always liked to read through them. I would later notice I had remembered some phrases - even when I didn't pay attention during the session. I'd merely glanced through them before listening. I guess that's part of the deep learning that the technology provides. I don't have any specific hypnosis tracks up here like fear of flying or stop smoking. I was aiming at the more general overall introduction. The significant benefit is the wave, or beat. There is a wavelength named Delta. It is the wave length common to deep sleep.

There are Alpha and Theta frequencies associated with meditative states. My theory is that if I introduce my brain to these wave frequencies it will become familiar with them. Sort of like I'm saying to it, "there, that's what I want you to do". Hey, it's a brain, it has to have some learning abilities. I'm not "exactly" sure of what the relationship is between me and my brain. I do know that since I've made "schooling it" a priority I've had good results. It's not the whacked out chatter box it once was. There are lot's of things we can do for ourselves by working with our brain. These beats are a primary tool. Use them - ask questions.

Binaural beats are auditory brain stem responses which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere. They result from the interaction of two different auditory impulses, originating in opposite ears, below 1000 Hz and which differ in frequency between one and 30 Hz (Oster, 1973).For example, if a pure tone of 400 Hz is presented to the right ear and a pure tone of 410 Hz is presented simultaneously to the left ear, an amplitude modulated standing wave of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones, is experienced as the two wave forms mesh in and out of phase within the superior olivary nuclei. This binaural beat is not heard in the ordinary sense of the word (the human range of hearing is from 20-20,000 Hz). It is perceived as an auditory beat and theoretically can be used to entrain specific neural rhythms through the frequency-following response (FFR)--the tendency for cortical potentials to entrain to or resonate at the frequency of an external stimulus. Thus, it is theoretically possible to utilize a specific binaural-beat frequency as a consciousness management technique to entrain a specific cortical rhythm.

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