The Addiction Help Workbook

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Hello Friends, Addiction Help Workbook Pages: find help for addictions, recovery guides, AA, 12 step guides and forum support - join in the life after addiction group.

Beginning life after addiction

Addiction Recovery And Detox
Learn about medical detox, proper detox diets and nutritional needs

Addiction: Being Restored To Sanity
Until we get clean and sober we have no idea how completely crazy our lives as addicts had become

Being Convinced, We Were At Step Three
Step one and two are there for us to be one hundred percent convinced of our need for help out of the addictions we were powerless to overcome on our own

Came To Believe That A Power "Greater Than Ourselves"
could restore us to sanity. This is the turning point

Meditation For Addiction Recovery
Remember what step eleven says? Prayer "and" Meditation

Getting Rid Of Old Ideas
Enter the 4th Step inventory. This is where we can really begin to feel good and start the process of change.

Getting Involved With Recovery Groups
Addiction Recovery Groups are "A power greater than ourselves". There we find experience, advice and perspective from those who have gone before us.

How To Do A 4th Step Inventory
I've made an example of the 4th step column format I used when I went through the steps

Addiction Recovery Health Resources And Information
Healthy diet, some form of activity and nutritional understanding can make a world of difference in how we think and feel. Don't ignore this one

Principles For Life After Addiction

Practising Principles In Addiction Recovery
Always think of "Principles as Cause" and it's easier to understand how practising these principles in all our affairs must naturally have good result

The Principle Of Honesty
The Principle of Honesty in addiction recovery initially focuses on our being honest with ourselves

The Principle Of Open Mindedness
There are none so blind as those who will not see. In this passage Blindness is a product of the closed mind principle.

The Principle Of Willingness
Directly related to open mindedness the principle of willingness opens us up to every possibility

The Principle Of Powerlessness
This is directly related to the powerlessness in resolving our own addiction dilemma. In this most of us are incapable of escaping the nightmare on our own

The Principle Of Making Amends
Does making amends for our actions cause some changes to take place within us and in the world around us? If this is so then making amends could be viewed as a principle

The Principle In The Serenity Prayer
What principles, if any, are contained in the Serenity Prayer - Why does it seem to have a positive effect?

The Principle Of Gratitude
The principle of gratitude is one of the most powerful tools at our command. Learn about it and make use of it

The Principles In Habits
The principles inherent in habits can be identified and dealt with. This is possible once we accept principles as cause

Principle And Miracles
Are there principles at work in miracles? Are miracles really miracles? This part is about learning the system of life

More ideas, tools, links and other things to think about

The 3D Recovery Concept
A good way to look at the most essential components of successful addiction recovery. If we can remember Data, Diet and Direction it could help us stay focused, aware abd on track

Life After Addiction Diet And Nutrition
It's hard to emphasize the importance of good nutrition. The 20th century has become the age of junk foods, junk diet and nutritional starvation. What you eat can have such a drastic effect on our mood and overall health that it takes precedence over all else we might do - See to nutrition first.

Addiction And Sanity
Make no mistake about it our thoughts and actions were insane while active in addiction. Everyone knew it but us

Nobody Likes Being Addicted
If nobody likes being an addict how the hell did we end up as addicts. This is important and fits in with the 4th step and addiction recovery principles

Freedom From Bondage
We know that to solve a problem we need to know what the problem is. WHat type of bondage are we seeking freedom from? Why are we, and how did we come to be, bound?

Understanding Happiness
Everyone wants to be happy. If so, why isn't everyone happy?

Understanding Humility
Possibly the most misunderstood concept in the addiction recovery community. Lets find out what humility really is and see if it's something we want to practice

Understanding Hypnosis
Learn about hypnosis, how it works and how you can make use of it

Living With Fear
We all live with a certain amount of fear. What we can do is learn where it comes from and what we can do about it

Making Decisions
In the end, we are the culmination of the decisions we make. So it makes sense to have a system when it comes to making decisions

Memory Of The Immortals
An essay about not knowing and if we were somewhere else once - Why can't we remember it?

Nicotine, The Weird Addiction
The weird side of habits. hang ups and addiction - especially smoking and nicotine

You're on one now. Is it yours?

Sponsors: What are they good for? Why would you want one?

Step Seven
Breaking down the 12 step process and getting the most out of our efforts

Enjoying The Extraterrestrials
Another origin of mankind story (Everybody has one)

Vitamin C And Addiction
Why addicts, alcoholics and everybody else needs to know about Vitamins and vitamin C in particular

Wisdom Guidelines
Some ideas on wisdom

How To Guides and other nonsense

Changing the Brain

Getting Better Data


Increase Your Expectation Quotient

See the end of Suffering

Make no Progress

Know When You're Dreaming

Get In Harmony with the Universe

The Law Of Attraction

Redirecting Emotional Energy

Change The Way You Feel

Is My Brain Really Thinking

Stop Smoking Easily

Life not lifestyles

Life, What Is It?

Life On Life's Terms

The Meaning Of Life

About Time

Life Lived With Guilt

The Life Of Consciousness

Watching Society: The Good, The Bad and The Completely Ridiculous

The Societal Brain

Addiction In The 21st Century


Bilderberg & You


Chalmers Johnson

The Club Of Rome

The Codex Alimentarius Commission

Establishing A Position

Get Educated

Global Warming




The Law

Lying To Ourselves

Making Fear

The New World Order

Now What?

Outside The Box

Political Parties

Serial Killers



The Age Of Life And Death Decisions

The Day After Money

The People Planners

The End Of Reason

The Fed

The People Who Killed The World

The State

The Tyrants

Watching Society

Why Can't We Stop


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