Living And Dying In The 21st Century "How Our Decisions, And Nothing Else, Can Save Us From Extinction"

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Facing The Consequences Of Dependence

The time for going along without paying attention , letting others decide the future has brought humanity to the edge of extinction.

Can you think of anything more ridiculous than a race of people who killed themselves off because - they were to busy to notice they were gonna die? This is happening right now. Right now, this minute, the human race is working on extinction. The silliest part of all this is it's completely unnecessary and really, really hard.

Somehow the people who are profiting from killing the people of earth have convinced the people they're killing that it's unavoidable. They say that if we don't submit to a form of self sacrificial suicide the world society will collapse and that would be catastrophic. They've convinced my Mom of this and most of the people I talk to. I live with one of these people who're convinced there is no alternative available to death by pollution.

Has anyone noticed that pollution has been taken out of the social consciousness? The elite profiteers do a lot of study into the social mind and when they want to deal with this or don't want to deal with that they'll use their media to change to language. They can't use arguments over sex and right and wrong so the changed homosexual and heterosexual to gay and straight and changed sex to lifestyle. Forget about sex - accept lifestyle preferences. Global warming is a profitable topic, pollution is a profit disaster. Replace pollution with air quality - sounds more like C02 and global warming than smog, smoke and chemical particulates.

When discussions on alternatives to society, energy, monetary systems comes up I always here people say, "I don't want to go back to living in caves or tents". I even heard someone say the same thing about finding an alternative to Zoloft. They said they didn't want to have to suffer like their ancestors did. What makes us think people who were suffering because they didn't have our addictions?

I watched a documentary on the Philippines. Here were a bunch of people living pretty simply and I saw no one in suffering mode. They were just going about their lives. Then the western world wanted what they had - take a look at them now. They look like us, like they're dying. They are, and so are we. The fact of the matter is we will allow ourselves to be killed off unless we start seeing every decision as a life or death decision. Right now today there are solutions to every problem we're told we face.

We're told we face the inevitability of fossil fuel. The fact is we don't need oil for anything. We're told we have the best system for governing and maintaining a society possible. That is just a lie to keep people in their place while the profiteers drain the last light from their lives and bodies. We do have a fair system for controlling a society, if you're a tyrant it's not bad. If you're a citizen it'll kill you.

That's not an exaggeration. Our system is driving people crazy, changing them genetically and poisoning them routinely. The leading cause of death in the US is stress and the medical industry is killing at a ridiculous rate. We've all but eliminated common sense from the public dialog and people run on doses of isolated molecules and toxic food products, jacked up crazy heading for diabetes and brain malfunction. As a result of this nut house lifestyle the profits just roll in for the elite corporate royalty.

All because people refuse to free themselves.