Making Fear "The Source of Fear...How we do it"

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Surviving Our Fears, Society in the 21st Century

That's right, once again we need to be aware of things in order to deal with them. You can't truly deal with fear until you know what it is and where it comes from. It is a thought and it comes from your brain. Getting monotonous isn't it? Well that's the way it goes, we wouldn't need to talk about it if we knew it already.

The mistake ( did you know that the original Greek word "sin" used in the bible meant mistake? Try replacing sin with mistake and read the bible. It's much different. ) that fear comes at us from 'out there' is almost universal to mankind. That things "causes me to be afraid" is such an accepted concept that most never think to question it. The argument for where fear comes from is easily settled. Pick any example you like, for instance if you are afraid of snakes and I'm not, that proves that fear isn't coming from the presence of a snake. If it was we would both fear snakes. But of course that's not the case. At this point, if (when) we are convinced, we can move forward to yet another solution.

As with all these mistakes they seem to have got inside our heads by default. Remember that default processes for the human brain, as it pertains to behavior, are very few. I don't even know if anyone has made a complete list of what they are. I can assure you that what we're talking about here isn't one of them. As to how to be rid of fear its never an unconscious process like acquiring or generating fear seems to be. One thing we can do is face fear in a meditative state. We can make a picture of snakes or whatever it is we're afraid of and sit with the resulting feelings. This is a great way to make headway toward the real world. Another good exercise is using a mantra. You can make up mantras and try them. You have mantras that you use now although they normally go unnoticed. This is a good time to identify the mantras you use as we are focusing in on the brain and what its generating through thought. I guarantee if you said snakes are good people a million times your thoughts about snakes would change. If you create a room with a couple of snakes and sit and talk with them for ten minutes a day I guarantee your thoughts about snakes will change.

One thing I know is that it is the being conscious of some thing that makes the difference. All the problems that a person attempts to deal with indirectly, in other words to deal with in form instead of cause, go unsolved. The problem arises again, in form, until dealt with at the causal level. Its not the fear of snakes that is the problem in a person who fears snakes, that's just form. The problem is fear. Fear is cause. We don't need to know where fear came from, this also is seeking form. We can regress to earlier stages and say, "I first feared snakes when John stuck one in my bed", this is form and startling, but not cause. Actually we should be more afraid of John, and probably are. But this won't heal the fear problem. All the regressions in the world, all the awareness of events, won't get us out of the bind we're in so it's really just another mental exercise to avoid the problem. Only directly facing the source will bring about the desired result. We are the source. We are fear. We made it.

Ask some different questions, why am I afraid of dying, being alone, being broke, being laughed at ( people ), the unknown, why am I afraid, what is it I am afraid of, where is that feeling coming from, do I like it? Well? One of the "promises" in the A.A. Big Book is that the fear of financial insecurity will leave us, not financial insecurity, the fear of it. The world is packed full of stuff. To fear it is a mistake (sin?), we are living out the mistakes of our fathers (societies and cultures) and its time to forgive ourselves for being mistaken?

You probably won't walk away from this reading without the fears you had when you started. You will leave with different data. You are responsible for the new data and all associated data that you collect from now on. You can continue to believe something, that isn't factual, be mistaken, and continue to do battle with form. Or you can look at the creation of fear, and as the creator, deal with it.

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