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Why I write How To pages

The following pages for people asking who we are, what we're doing here and how do we make our lives better. I've tried to write down some of the things I've learned that have ended up making my life better. What I was after when I started this journey was to find ways to make my life in society tolerable.

I guess the first thing I did was test a hypothesis that life might be best defined as everything that is. This got me moving out of little life situations as life. Little situations like relationships with people, my relationship with society and so on. It also got me moving away from what I thought of as "My Life". My life became my relationship with life, not some little event taking place within another little event.

What will happen when we adopt this "life as everything that is" concept is our world gets bigger, roomier, less confined and restricted. This isn't something that might happen. When we see ourselves as part of something bigger events become less of an issue. The problem with really seeing life this way is the same problem we have with changing ourselves in general. Once we've accepted something it's very hard to rid ourselves of it.

This how to chapter and all the pages written of my experiences all deal with moving from an accepted reality to a better reality. I could have just reality instead of better reality but that would lock me into something else and who knows what I'll find out further on down the road. So if an idea or concept makes things better - that's good enough for now.

The other thing I ran into when I started dealing with myself was my brain. This shouldn't come as a surprise since everything I've come to accept here on earth has been saved in the brain memory. The brain doesn't hold all "Life" memory but I'm fairly sure it contains all earth time memory. At least this is how I approaching things till I find out otherwise.

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