"The Law of Attraction:  A Complete 10 minute Course"

The reason I can explain the law of attraction in ten minutes is because it's simple to fully understand. You know it fully already. This will save you a lot of money if you're one of those people who think you can pay money and learn some secret-that no one else knows. I saw an ad the other day by a well known author and speaker, the pitch is offering to get you working the law of attraction in thirty days. Of course it's not free. That's quite a deal... for the well known author and speaker. This would be like me making some incredible limited time offer to teach you the secret of swallowing your food.

As a matter of fact, the reason I haven't written this sooner is because I didn't think that I could write an entire page on it. Let's get it out of the way.

"Whatever you think about will start to show up in your life"

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Whenever I start a new endeavor I start thinking about what I need to make it work and how I can do it as efficiently as possible and guess what? I start to run in to what I need, the stuff shows up everywhere. I went to work driving pile when I was twenty. I started seeing cranes and cables and looking at the sides of buildings to see if they were plumb. Started meeting people that knew about piling and rigging. My life was jammed full of heavy equipment.

If you notice a car that you think you're seeing for the first time you'll see twice as many from now on. Possibly starting within the hour. It's likely to happen before you stop thinking about the car you just saw, for the first time-ever. About the time you're wondering where to get one, or how much they cost, you'll open your door in a parking lot and hit one parked next to you.

The secret that we all need to learn is not the law of attraction. That's like saying I need to take a course in the law of gravity. What we need to get better at is paying attention. That too is about as easy as it gets.

Stand on one leg. Too easy? I can feel you wanting more. Why? Do you want paying attention to be difficult? I'll give one more piece of advice that many thousands have paid through the nose for. Life isn't really very complicated

Okay, life is so complicated that we can spend many life times learning about it. But, that falls under the life sciences category.

My point is that where "our lives" are concerned, it's pretty simple. The reason we're in such a complicated mess is because people can take anything and make it into a complicated mess. Here's a simple rule. If you see people making a mess of things - Avoid them. If you happen to get put in charge of a mess, take the mess and dispose of it.

Start over.

So now I guess we can start to have some fun with our understanding of the mysterious law of attraction... and our understanding that it doesn't exist...

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