3 Keys to getting out of the psychological woods

Here are three of the things I’ve learned about myself, and people in general, that need be learned in order to get out of the woods. We could call the woods our mental mess. Or our programming. Our conditioned thinking and resulting biases. Anyone can call the woods anything that makes the most sense to them and is easiest to remember

1. You’re in the woods. Whether you know it or not. Whether you choose to believe it or not. You’re in the woods

2. People are more apt to accept nonsense from someone they like than facts from someone they don’t

3. We must get some understanding of “I don’t want to do this… But I do it”. I don’t want to: Be angry, afraid, feel sad, get stressed out; but I am

Work on these things and the way out will open. Keep in mind, your foundations will crumble. What you call me… What you call my life… Will end

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