Stop CenturyLink’s Internet webhelper

I hate this redirect traffic script. But CenturyLink has a good secure connection. I guess it’s impossible to overlook the possible cash they might make from grabbing 404 traffic.

Anyway I’ve read a lot on what to do and we all know what CenturyLink says we can do. Problem with that is it only lasts for one session online. If the setting doesn’t revert on it’s own as it often does. My real serious issue it’s redirecting CenturyLink Traffic from my sites.

The fix is in your modem settings. You’ll find a place to block sites. Blocked webhelper a few weeks ago. Today I got a 403 (access denied) for a not found. They couldn’t redirect me to their search page… better than nothing. Maybe if a million people do it they’ll give up and stop interfering in people’s lives


In the US corporations run the country. The US has been a corporate run country for some time. Thing is, not enough people care, enough. Too many others are scared, with good reason, or don’t want to believe it, because it’s uncomfortable. As long as we choose to live under a monetary system this is what we can expect.

Ever wonder who owns the Corporations?

Watching Trump while the house is on fire

Many millions of people are watching and worrying about Donald. Granted, socially, Trump is a stupid fucking man boy. Building a wall is dumb. Running his mouth about immigration is dumb.

But he’s not the geopolitical policy maker. There is no ruler of the free world holding office anywhere… The rulers don’t run for office, they run people in office. Not that they don’t have influence. That’s why they’re there. Not that they’re all silly. I doubt anyone would call Putin silly.

With all the fuss and activity focused around one dumb ass president where is the social riot about the real policies of world domination? A wall that will likely never be built is just another in the long line Trump construction projects. See history

While this US military spending vs the world goes on like it’s no big deal…

Where’s the firestorm over the world as a whole life and death things?

Time as an idea

Some think of time, or space time, as a thing. Someone I was talking with said, Time is always retrospective to us”. Time? Is? Wouldn’t that likely be memory and imagination (thinking, with memory, to do something in the morning). We know we have memory and imagination. But, is time a real thing?

Since things here seem to be a linear sequence of events, we made tools for living here: Calendars, a Zodiac, a clock. I’d say the “divisions of minutes and seconds” and all the other devices is time.

I was thinking this morning (instead of sleeping) about the degrees of memory in animals. We have long memories and imagine futures from them. If we go down through Dogs and the Crab and on down memory seems to not be so acute. What do snails remember?

What is the division of Instinct, that sort of hard coded imprinting, and psychological memory? Birds and Cats likely don’t spend a lot of time pondering time and their futures. (though I’ve never talked with either). But if we set food out in the same place each day…

We have the idea of time but we never do anything in the future. The future becomes the present. We always stay physically in the present. I think people have projected their ideas associated with clocks and calendars onto Life. That the idea of Space Time, of Time Travel, comes out of this projection, that it is a psychological invention that exists entirely in the individual. I also think it’s a detrimental distraction.

The Sun is there, the animals are here, where is time?