Understanding Addictions

Problems Suck... Addiction sucks...

Be honest, addiction sucks, problems suck... if we have a bunch of problems, Life Sucks. When we get to the "Life Sucks" place, then we can begin to move out of it. We'll never get past anything we can't admit and face... We'll have to dig deep into ourselves to find all that causes our lives to suck, this also sucks... But we can do it and we can come out the other side, saner and happier.

I started out looking for answers to my "Big Problems" and as it turned out the answers were associated with thinking. For me these problems included drug abuse and addiction. First, I had to beat the drug addiction before I could effectively do anything else.

Next, I found out something about thoughts and feelings. In the end it's not what I feel, not what I think, not what I believe that counts. What really moves things is what I do.

The Brain: I want to know about the brain, become familiar with my brain. While I am not my brain, that doesn't mean I live without it's influence.

I wanted answers to questions like, "What is addiction? What's Alcoholic? Why are things so Crazy? Why doesn't anything ever seem to change... Get Better? That's what this website is all about... Finding out how to get sane, get happy and stay off drugs and out of other addiction related nonsense.

What I found out is... It's long, it's deep, it's tiring, sometimes it seems to grind us up, it's sometimes boring... Most of it's simple, but hardly any of it's easy.

Today's problems can not be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them - Einstein

Recovery for smart people... Belief thinking

Questions And Answers

For me the self determined path includes sorting out nutrition, examining belief, getting better data: What's helping and what's not.

I highly recommend we learn about hypnosis. It helps us understand how we form subconscious "automated" programs.

I started writing here with no intention of publishing it, at least not what I was writing. Back then I was gathering information for myself. I'd jot down ideas I didn't want to forget, or misplace. You'll likely run across some of these earlier notes mixed in and merged into pages. I attempt, now and then, to read over and edit pages but it's no fun and so remains unfinished. Feel free to point things out when you find them.

If I can't reach people where they are I touch no one. Can what I realize here, be understood there, or there? A child might need a hand up. Despair may want a hand - just to hold. Some respond to scolding while others may fall further for it.

Still, if I could offer everyone what is best for them where they are - I'd still need to reach them there. Some one of us has what some other needs to make the best next move. But the hand of sanity without reach is silent - while the voice of madness screams in the mind of the world.

Help!! Observations, Articles, Essays & Rants

Blogs, Community, Share, Comment & Ask Questions

While we're on this planet, it's highly unlikely we'll know everything about anything. With that in mind it makes since to simply enjoy the ride.

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