Measuring celestial bodies

As far as measuring celestial bodies, distant stars and so on. I really question how we get all that outer space stuff to hold still long enough to measure. If the Earth is spinning at *, and the rest of the System is moving at *, how is it possible to measure anything not on the Earth? In fact how is it possible to see any object, out there, for more than an instant?

Remembering the girl

I remember a girl, a slim brunette I knew back then
We had some things to talk about
She talked of pain and family, of abandonment
I too had lived a life with disappointment
… not with nature but the nature of man
I remember holding hands and riding the trains
… of laughing and loving out the hurt
Today I thought of her again and missed her again
Found myself struggling for a name, wondering how and where we first met
… oh, never mind I’m thinking about the girl from Fleabag

The fan based society

A sick society makes heroes out of sick people. It’s why the sickest: Obama, Hilary, Trump, can get elected, loved and admired

If the same societal sickness wasn’t making billions for drug companies there’d be a made up name for it, maybe Fans of Financial Success Syndrome, and a make believe vaccine would be on TV tomorrow

But politicians, corporations, the media and all the other liars fakes and psychos feeding of the worlds people do everything in their power to nurture the sickness. The question for the fans might be, “Why do I admire them?”.

Is it because they have what I crave? What might that be? Financial Security? Safety, comfort? Fame?

See example:

U.S., Cuba, Policy, Nonsense

Reince Priebus said. “There’s going to have to be some movement from Cuba in order to have a relationship with the United States.”

I’m pretty sure Cuba just wants the “relationship” to finally come to an end. I realize millions of people get their news and ideas about the world from U.S. government spokesmen. Spokesmen, herdsmen, salesmen…

It’s never to soon to remove the collars