If Then

If the most important things to you are comfort and security
If you crave money and power
If your priority is the family, a community or your nation
If you value the attention and recognition of fame
If your thinking says, Love will find a way, goodness and light will overcome in the end…
Then you’re easy to control

If above all else you want freedom, there’s a chance you might attain freedom

Never look back

Go into the wind
and pick up your feet
Go into the air
and never look back
There never was anything there

The future for man

Do you think people can ever really change? We can change our behavior… if we choose to. But change our core programming? I’ve never seen it.

Maybe a reprogramming can be achieved via hypnosis… if we chose to do that. But that just deals with one here and one there

It’s also voluntary. What about the mass religious programming. The one that says, “If you seek to change me you’re evil”? Or the deep seated societal programming of perhaps 70% of the people on Earth…

The fact is that while the individual here and there might recognize and seek to modify their conditioning, the abused abuser is abusing the future abuser on a grand scale, and day in and day out the psychopath, with it’s resources and technology, is conditioning the masses to accept insanity as good

Afghanistan for dummies

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