That hijab thing

There’s nothing worse than a bare body. Except maybe freedom or sanity… but that’s too awful to even think about. (more…)

A few people own everything

Response to a question on facebook…

I know that a few people own everything of consequence. They may not own every oil rig, or wheat farm, but if you control distribution… it’s yours anyway. (more…)

The art of limiting choices

Think about limiting choices. The most glaring examples I can think of at this time is the choices in the presidential elections taking place in the US. (more…)


Most of the time I’m here
  I feel sometimes I’m in between
In between I’m not so solid
  there I’m me but not the same
No need there have I of mechanics,
  carpenters or politicians
Not a place built on ideals
Not a place that moves by wheels
  I peer through curtains light as air
    looking on from in between
  but never fully there