The source of disagreement

When the totality of existing information is delivered equally to every mind all disagreement should cease

When every fact is distributed equally to every mind true and false will be universally recognized and disagreement should cease

The tone of death

It got so cold the clouds stopped moving
and the moon froze in the sky
The stream of light was fixed in place
then I looked past my cold gray eyes and thought… so this is death
After a time I moved into it

Response to Science is not a Belief

I doubt it’s possible to crack through a belief with reason unless the belief is causing some degree of suffering. This is why I’m convinced that somehow new information must be introduced. Problem is in a world of voluntary learning no one is forced to get all the available information prior to forming beliefs about things.

I think this belief, the “Science” we always disagree on, is based on, at least, a lack of information and any information that threatens the belief is automatically rejected. This rejecting is always accompanied by the deflection technique. All belief of this nature is no different than any Christian or Ideologue… unless there’s suffering… there’s no way through the barriers constructed to protect the belief