Problems Suck... Addiction sucks...

Be honest, addiction sucks, problems suck... when the problems pile up, Life Sucks. The good thing about everything going wrong is it's "Obvious". When we can no longer make excuses for our problems, for ourselves... Can no longer justify, or rationalize, our messed up lives... we can begin to move out.

We'll never get past anything we can't admit and face... We'll have to dig deep into ourselves to find all that causes our lives to suck, this also sucks... But we can do it and we can come out the other side, saner and happier.

I started out looking for answers to my "Big Problems". As it turns out all my problems, large and small, were problems of thinking. The immediate problems included drug abuse and addiction. First, I had to stop using drugs. The drugs, the drinking, had to go...

Next, I went to work on my thoughts and feelings. Isn't that pretty much all we're doing: Thinking and feeling? No one wants to feel bad... It's hard for a drug addict not to use drugs when they feel bad...

All feeling, every emotional state, is a result of what I think. What we think has everything to do with what we believe...

To get to the bottom of this thinking feeling thing, I needed to know something about the brain.. While "I am not my brain" that doesn't mean I live without it's influence. Then I moved on to learning about Me... This is difficult, on going, and maybe the beginning of the best time a person can ever have. Don't belief it? There's only one way to find out

After Addiction, After Recovery... Thinking

  • The Search for What's Real and What Works has Mostly Revealed What Probably Isn't Real and Doesn't Work
  • "There is Nothing New Under The Sun"
  • If "Honesty Is The Best Policy", How Honest Can I Be?
  • Rampant Self Deception Seems To Be The Principle of Many Societal Systems.
  • Open Mindedness: "There is Nothing That Keeps One Mired In Ignorance Like Contempt Prior To Investigation".
  • Willingness: What lengths am I willing to go to think different? Can I let go of what I love if that's what it takes?
  • What does it mean to be ourselves
  • Eat Good, Feel Good...
  • Question Everything: Question Belief, Question Wisdom, Question Answers, Question Understanding, Question Normality

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The Self Determined Path

We sort out nutrition. We examine our beliefs: Where did they come from? We discard ideas and beliefs that don't serve us.

We find out everything we can about The mind and Thinking... Understand how we form subconscious "automated" programs... Find out why we think what we think about Ourselves, Life and the World...

Today's problems can not be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them - Einstein

I started writing here with no intention of publishing it, at least not what I was writing. Back then I was gathering information for myself. I'd jot down ideas I didn't want to forget... You'll likely run across some of these earlier notes mixed in and merged into pages. I attempt, now and then, to read over and edit pages but it's no fun and so remains unfinished. Feel free to point things out when you find them.

"If I can't reach people where they are I touch no one. Can what I realize here, be understood there, or there? A child might need a hand up. Despair may want a hand - just to hold. Some respond to scolding while others may fall further for it. Still, if I could offer everyone what is best for them where they are - I'd still need to reach them there. The hand of sanity without reach is silent... The voice of madness screams at the mind... day in, day out"
Thinking Outside The Boxes (Identities)
You can meet new people with different ideas... Here's an example...

Yo! Yes good idea about the "dead or alive".. really now, how did we come to the conclusion that what we are is "alive" and what we end up to is dying? Interesting...

And by believing that we are alive and so being part of that huge morphogenetic field "alive" and all that we believe it includes,how much do we leave out,not being able to perceive? Because being "alive" means specific things? How would we do things differently, if we the norm was "we are dead"?

Or that what we are is neither dead or alive? Non specified? Not needed to be specified? I wonder!

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Understanding Mind

"Can we be aware of thought the very moment in which thought takes presence in the psyche rather than seeking for the awareness of it only when the thought is already rooted?"

Diego Kricek Fontanive