Citizens are so obsessed with getting what they’re taught they want that by the time they find out what they need it’s too late to make use of it

The freezing

The deer mice moved down through the trees in the pink light
all ears and tails, sniffing at the house
The children saw them and watched through the frosted windows
The herd moved to the fountain, looked back to the children as they drank
the children were comfortable as were the mice, each remembering the other
The furred feet left no tracks, none anyone would recognize
then they were gone into the pasture and the maples beyond
Standing up from the woodpile I thought I saw something moving there
coyotes or wolves maybe, some pack forced down by the freezing mountain

This small bird

I walked outside and there was a small bird sitting on the walk. I said, “Are you hurt?”

I picked it up and took it to the shop. I said, “You can stay in here till you feel better”.

As soon as I sat it down it hopped twice and flew up to the loft.

Then it acted like it was looking for a way out. I opened the door and asked, “Why did you let me pick you up?”