Where everyone slept

Last night in a dream I lit up a smoke
walked through a great house where everyone slept
They talked in their sleep and to each one I listened
and thought, being free, of what I’d do next
I looked to the windows, aware of the world
looked back at them all, sleeping boys, sleeping girls

What would change if

If we never named it
… had no memory of it
had no social ideologies and bias surrounding it
… would fear be what it is?

How about failure?

What about loneliness, hunger or loss?

What changes when there are no ideas, no descriptions… no names?

We always look through our ideas

The rub

Bob stares at the traffic and says, “I’d like to stop doing things out of guilt or fear”

Sarah, “Is there any other motivator?”

“I’d like to think there is…”

Sarah, “Afraid there might not be?

Bob, taking a minute replies, “Yeah… and I feel a little guilty about that. Like I’m not thinking as I ought to think”

Sarah, “Mind is loopy”