Boots of clay

I didn’t want to eat the poison
but I ate it anyway
I guess I’m doomed to live with looming states of mental disarray

A cast inside the metals
Shaking in my boots of clay

The robe of babel swung the gavel
… sentenced to the drama
mindless of the play

The global warming enthusiasts

Notice that man made global warming enthusiasts never mention methane are the meat industry at all?

The same food that feeds 200 beef cows can feed 2000 people without the by products of ground, air and water pollution and overall resource sucking.

There is far less to worry about on the over population front if the world lived on plants. Also the health issues that feed the health scare industry would all but disappear

I like what people do as much as I like anything but as a whole… we suck

Intelligence makes changes

The pain of past experience:

If intelligence is the ability to change according to the culmination of data…

Of course a person can’t change the past since it’s not there, but we can certainly change our relationship with memory. If event #67 circa 1976 brings feelings of shame (and I don’t enjoy shame) an intelligent thing might change the way it sees the event.

It could do it with drugs or hypnosis, or it could change it’s ideas about society and people and what’s important…

Stop CenturyLink’s Internet webhelper

I hate this redirect traffic script. But CenturyLink has a good secure connection. I guess it’s impossible to overlook the possible cash they might make from grabbing 404 traffic.

Anyway I’ve read a lot on what to do and we all know what CenturyLink says we can do. Problem with that is it only lasts for one session online. If the setting doesn’t revert on it’s own as it often does. My real serious issue it’s redirecting CenturyLink Traffic from my sites.

The fix is in your modem settings. You’ll find a place to block sites. Blocked webhelper a few weeks ago. Today I got a 403 (access denied) for a not found. They couldn’t redirect me to their search page… better than nothing. Maybe if a million people do it they’ll give up and stop interfering in people’s lives