Confusion and physical insecurity

Confusion, in all it’s forms, is a physical tangible burden, a nuisance, or a crushing weight… but nothing to be made light of. I always remember when I see the world of confused people that nobody programmed themselves. I didn’t program myself… the indoctrination into the belief systems begin at birth… All belief system programs install by default “Physical Insecurity”.

The myth of spirituality

I’ve never met, read about, heard about, anyone seeking the unknown spiritual truths, non-physical reward, in any actual sense. They may seek down paths unknown to them: someone tells them that a belief can deliver them from some adverse physical situation or offer them some physical reward. The goal is always purely physical… Because there is nothing else

Programming children

There was a time when I never even looked into it to doubt it. “In god we trust” was written on the dollar bill, the Court House, You swore on the Bible when you appeared in court or got elected… there were churches and stories of god everywhere, we said grace and a prayer at night. I don’t ever remember liking it… but at that time it just was. I was well programmed

To better understand Tesla

I found this and it helped me see

… there exists a voltage potential which ranges from 200,000 to 300,000 volts or more between the ionosphere and the surface of the Earth (Markson & Muir, 1980). The atmosphere acts as an insulator, making it difficult for electric current to travel to and from the Earth’s surface to the ionosphere except under special conditions. This also has been extensively studied by others. In effect, we live between the plates of a huge capacitor where one plate is the ionosphere and the other the surface of the Earth.