Before meaning

” … I am a part of everything”. People say things like this as though there’s some deeply meaningful, or magical, about it. The thing is that the realization changes nothing.

Small children don’t know anything about anything and if not abused are the happiest among us. They aren’t looking for meaning…

All that evolutionist woo

From what I’ve read “we evolved from other forms of animals” is a biological impossibility.

I think it’s more likely we’re the product of some genetic engineering by some other genetically engineered people.

But recently I’ve been thinking that the seeds of all life (DnA etc) travel on plasma (birkeland currents) throughout the entire universe. Like information embedded in a carrier wave. Landing everywhere there’s a surface and anywhere there’s suitable light and water… Presto.

But… thinking that a chicken is just an eggs way of making another egg… who knows

Out from under tyranny

Someone said, and I’d agree, that one way out of tyranny would be a world wide strike.

First you’d need the numbers, the tipping point… Say it was got: then what?

Can they harness and move electricity? Will the masses build a new system? Take control of the old one? Will they want to teach about Jesus? Follow Mohammad? I know there’s a million different ideas people have for “How things should be”. I doubt I’d agree with many of them.

So not only would the numbers have to be immense for the strike to succeed but there’d need to be some agreement on what to do afterward or in no time at all we’d be back to the same old control systems that were in place before. This change in controllers has been oft repeated throughout the history of mankind… and we’re where we are… once again and again