We have all the time in the world to pursue our interests. To deal with our nuances and find out what life as reality is.

If we can extricate ourselves from the rat race. If we can remove ourselves from the bull shit ideas of the control system. Once we discard the ideas that run us ragged, we can relax and discover ourselves.

We can find all the time in the world to live happy.

To do this, we must take ourselves out of the herd, discard the rules promoted by the societal mind. We must stop being directed, corralled and kept busy. We must stop being a servant to the brain and make the brain our servant.

We must stop listening to the dictates of the brain which is by now a product of the societal mind. The sound the brain makes is thoughts... this is not the same as thinking. We could think of thoughts as ideas derived from memory

This May be how thoughts (ideas, values, opinions, beliefs...) can work through the brain: My brain thinks it needs to do something. It often feels lost, scared, confused and in a big hurry. But that's my brain. It's not me. I on the other hand, have all the time in the world to look at life, those thoughts and all that exists here on this planet.


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