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Hopeful thinking

Hope based thinking, wishful thinking. What does this get us? There are a couple of instances in life where I see most people are most desperate. Those instances are centered around earning a living and dying. This is where hope comes in

We hope everything will be okay. We wish things were better, more secure, less worrisome. Everyone wants to be comfortable. Everyone wants to go on living. We constantly think about the near and far future. Even when we say we don’t… we do. It would be abnormal not to.

I see the problem with hopeful thinking is it opens us up for the scam. We want to be financially secure, so we listen to those who promise it. We want eternal life, so we’re open to ideas about it. We want these things and we are apt to put our faith in those who claim to know the way. We can easily get suckered

If we could stop worrying about this stuff we could all lead better lives. The burdensome institutions like schools and churches would disappear. Children would be free to play instead of sit at desks. People would be free to see the world as it is instead of through the lens of stories and make believe.

We would be free to not pretend

Life’s burdens are placed on us by the rulers of this world. It is our fears that allow them access to our thinking. Our hope is an invitation to the slaver

Facebook nonsense

First, doesn’t facebook know that a dynamic IP address is not a different device? Is their programming that bad? After posting a bunch of government and corporate crime videos I got this message…

“It looks like someone tried to log into your account on August 14 at 7:36am using Firefox for Linux. Your account is safe; we just wanted to make sure it was you who tried to log in from somewhere new.

If you don’t think this was you, please log into Facebook so we can walk you through a few steps to keep your account safe.”

I have been logging in using Linux and Firefox for years. But all of a sudden… and the tests they have set up, in this case, I wasn’t able to pass. Hmmm. My response was…

“This would just be annoying if I could pass any of those tests you set up. Since the tests are impossible for me to get through it’s more than annoying… If you don’t want me using your site, tell me and close my account. Make sure you delete all post, media and data”

I’m interested in what they have to say

When love is the answer fails

If we consider the movements rising from pacifist teachings like those of the buddha or the modern bible christ…

With all that love will conquer all, the meek shall inherit the Earth, we must become what we want the world to be and on and on… if we look at how things were back whenever and look at how things have gone since and how things are today.

Wouldn’t all those love and faith people want to rethink their ideas about how shit gets done? Isn’t it time for the masses to break the shackles of love and give intelligence a shot?